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About the Farm


Barker’s Farm and the land it sits on were purchased in 1917 by Willard Barker.  He and his wife farmed a small part of the land and lived off the animals and produce they raised.  In 1965, Warren, the grandson of Willard, and his wife Grace took over the farm and cleared more of the land for farming.  They built a small farm stand and primarily operated the farm as a truck farm, growing produce and bringing it to Portsmouth by truck to sell.

How We Grow

The land that makes up Barker’s Farm has been worked since 1917, first by hand and now using tractors and other small equipment.  The overarching principle is to sustain and improve the soil as each year passes and grow nutritious food for the community.

Hiking Trails

Stratham Hill Park has several miles of networked trails that cross over onto Barker’s Farm.  Barker Trail is 0.67 miles and cuts between two points on the Perimeter Trail.  A link to the website for Stratham, NH provides more information on the park and its trails.

In the News

A Portrait of Barker's - May 12, 2016


In January 2016 Barker's received a New Hampshire Farm of Distinction award. Read more about the award.

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